Cleaning Up the Toxicity

The question need be: how much toxicity can I take?

For all of us it’s different. For some of us we can smoke till we’re ninety, but for most of us we can’t. And as we know, the toxic effects can be dire.

Our body is incredibly talented at removing and dealing with the toxic overload that we subject it to on a daily basis, until it’s had enough. With toxic environments, food that we put in our mouths, more medications that we’re encouraged to put into our bodies, and the pollutants that are coming from every angle. But our lives don’t generally suddenly fall apart; the writing is on the wall far before a major health crisis occurs.

We all know what doesn’t work for us. We feel bloated or headachy or our bowel doesn’t work or we simple lack energy or the stress is building, fevers happen or we just don’t sleep well and life becomes a drag. Sure, you’ve had all the tests and they’ve come back all clear, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong, because you know that you do not feel great.

I’m not saying that you have to be perfect, but making changes where you can when you can is vital.

Knowing your own body and how it feels is essential as you keep an eye on all forms of toxicity: environmental, physical, emotion and mental, and make small, regular, individual changes that can make a profound impact.

Living life on your own terms means finding what’s right for you and your body, rather than waiting for someone else to tell you that it’s no good for you. Because wait and it may be too late.

So change what you can as soon as you can, your body will thank you for it, I promise.